Gender Issues

Gender Issues

Old Comic - Gender Issues

This strip is meant to commemorate National Coming Out Day. The point of the strip is that, on The Lawn, none of the characters are supposed to have genders because a preconception of gender could sometimes sway the direction of the joke. In the odd cases when gender is implied, it’s done very intentionally. The issue has come up before, when a viewer interpreted one of my comics as revolving around gender, but he was actually missing the entire point of the strip because he was assigning gender to the characters, therefore assuming that they were in a heterosexual relationship. So, by doing this, he was missing the actual message. On National Coming Out day, we should be reminded not to have preconceptions of people based on gender identity or orientation, because we could be missing out on whole facets of their personalities. This was one of the first strips of The Lawn ever drawn, back in 2004. Look how young it used to be!

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