Camping On The Lawn

Camping On The Lawn

Credit to Zach B.

This strip is a celebration of my good friend Zach Biegun, and his positive attitude. Zach spent a portion of his undergraduate years living in a tent to avoid paying for housing. Not everybody wants to live in a tent, and most are willing to pay some amount of money which they’ve rationalized in their mind, in order to not have to. This strip is not intended to make any judgments about how much is too much to pay for housing, since that is subjective. Certainly there’s a limit between practical spending and wasteful spending, but many people spend much more than $1000 per month on their mortgages or apartments, so the figures I’ve illustrated in this strip are not intended to seem outrageous.

What I’m highlighting are those people who complain about various situations in their lives that they have control over, but who reject any suggestions of alternatives that would fix their situation, whether those alternatives are extreme or minor lifestyle changes. Zach has described some pretty shocked reactions from friends when they found out he was choosing to live in a tent. It’s undeniable that many of us have a knee-jerk reaction to things we may not encounter a lot and prefer to avoid, like homelessness. What this comic is trying to address is the tendency for us to sometimes take that reaction too far and start making assumptions about the character of the individual, calling a person “crazy,” or making judgments and acting rudely in other ways, perhaps without even realizing it. All it really boils down to are the numbers that we can rationalize in our heads. And the truth is that many of us can’t rationalize how much we spend on certain things because we’ve set our standard higher than our means, we try to avoid thinking about it, and we convince ourselves that it’s not in our control, rather than fixing it.

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